Steam Boiler is one of machineries mentioned in Factory and Machinery Act 1967.The legal framework prescribed that all Steam Boilers must be operated by Competent Persons and being in good maintenance. Thus, the demand for Competent Persons are always there and keep increasing due to the incremental usage of Steam Boilers at industrial sites – especially in Palm Oil, Rubber, Manufacturing, Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing sectors. Hence, this course was designed to equips the trainees relevant set of theoretical and practical skills so that they are able to become Competent Person certified by Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) once they have passed the Competency Examination in the future.

Course Descriptions

NOSS Code: ME-011-3:2014

Boiler Operation And Maintenance Services – Level 3 (18 Months)

  • Boiler Operation
  • Boiler Plant Mechanical Component Maintenance
  • Boiler Water/Steam Side Component Maintenance
  • Boiler Fireside (Furnace) Component Maintenance
  • Boiler Flue Gas System Component Maintenance
  • Boiler Instrumentation Control System Component Maintenance
  • Boiler Electrical System Component Maintenance
  • Boiler Fuel Plant Equipment Maintenance
  • Boiler Water Treatment Plant Maintenance
  • Boiler Testing And Commissioning
  • Boiler Maintenance Supervision