Programme Overview:

  The Welding program presents a course of study in shielded metal arc, oxy-fuel, gas metal arc and gas tungsten arc welding, as well as theory and practice in accordance with current industry practices.   This comprehensive training program includes the teaching of manipulative skills, beginning with basic operations and followed by a complete series of practices on all types of weld joints in all positions on various metals. The successful application of the welding process requires the correct use of proper tools and equipment.  

Target Group:

Welders/Junior Welders/Those with Prior Experience in Welding  

Course Content:

  • Safety Coordination
  • Electrode Supervision
  • Workshop Planning
  • Job Supervision
  • Maintenance Documentation
  • Welding Supervision
  • Quality Documentation
  • SMAW 6G
  • SMAW 6GR




3 Months