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“Our main success story comes from the feedback received from industries saying our graduates’ performance are exceeding the industrial expectation. “

Our Main Courses

AUTOMATION  The Industrial Automation Services Industry has been growing annually and its demand for industrial Automation Services Technologist profession has to be increased. This expertise will enhance the industry and also to overcome the future professionalism in this field.

Industrial Automation Engineering Services personnel are competent in performing the following core competencies:
  • Industrial Automation Engineering Drawing
  • Industrial Automation Fundamental Control Programming
  • Industrial Automation Fabrication
  • Industrial Automation Sub-Assembling
  • Industrial Automation Systems Servicing

Solar PV System Predicted to be the clean energy of tomorrow, solar energy has been in the forefront of energy development in developing countries like Malaysia. Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
system installation has grown considerably in Malaysia since the year 2000. Therefore, solar energy has a great potential in this country. As the main catalyst to accelerate the solar PV penetration in Malaysian residential houses, the Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic (MBIPV) project was initiated with a growing number of funding for R&D activities, and supported by numerous government policies, the solar installation could become one of the major renewable sources for electricity generation in Malaysia.

The solar PV system installation and maintenance is competent in performing
the following core competencies:
  • Solar PV System Project Pre Installation
  • Solar PV Modules & Balance Of System (BOS) And Mounting Structure Installation
  • Solar PV System Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Installation
  • Solar PV System Maintenance
  • Solar PV System Installation & Maintenance Supervision

Certified Automotive Technician is a comprehensive technical that focuses on Automotive Repair and Service including

  • Technical Engine Repair
  • Technical Electrical Repair
  • Technical Drivetrain Repair
  • Technical Chassis
  • Control Repair.
Steam Boiler is one of the machineries mentioned in Factory and Machinery. The demand for Competent Persons are always there and keep increasing due to the incremental usage of Steam Boilers at industrial sites – especially in Palm Oil, Rubber, Manufacturing ….
  • Introduction to Boiler and Steam
  • FMA 1967 & OSHA 1994
  • Boiler Water / Steam Side Component Maintenance
  • Factory and Machinery Regulations
Electrical Courses is a current legal frameworks prescribed that all electrical wiring, testings, preventive and corrective maintenance’s shall be performed by Competent Persons…
  • Single Phase Electrical Installation & Maintenance
  • Three Phase Electrical Installation & Maintenance
  • Main Switch Board System
  • I.E.E Regulations (BS 7671:2008)
  • Building Wiring Installation
Office Management and Information System Course were actually two different sets of skills. However, in reality, these skills are intertwined together as many office clerks and administrators handling massive data and information to the point …
  • Office Administration
  • Office Administration Supervsion
  • Information System Administration
  • Information System Marketing
  • Project Coordination
Welding we practical welder training courses and qualification are designed to help create a skilled and competent workforce.With a choice of bespoke on-site practical training, weld procedure development and witnessing of welder qualification tests at RU Academy or company facilities, our training covers the main arc welding processes that are used by industry, whether manual or semi-auto, including TIG, MMA, MAG, MIG, and FCAW.
RU Academy’s welder qualification tests are witnessed by CSWIP approved welding examiners and conducted in line with recognised international standards. Qualification standards in the global construction and manufacturing sectors are EN 9606/287, ASME IX and BS 4872 parts 1 and 2 in the UK.
The practical welder training is an excellent choice if your company or yourself, as an individual, wish to pursue a career in welding inspection. The fundamental knowledge gained from the various welding processes and the advantages and disadvantages of each are invaluable assets for later progression in welding inspection.
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