The duration of the course is for 6 weeks in order to achieve the required standard set. The Program emphasizes on the teaching and learning approach to work hand in hand with the development in the industry  either in the form of theory or practical. The scholars’ understanding on the theoritical side will be enhanced through the prepared theoritical inputs.

The training contents will be delivered using a number of different methods, tailored specifically to the type of information being delivered and the type of interaction best suited to the content.

Methods of instruction

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Demonstration
  • Exercise


  • Video
  • Demonstrations
  • Handouts / Course Notes


  • The different methods of training
  • Selecting the right method
  • The lecture
  • The lecture/discussion
  • The skill lesson

Course Duration

  • Two Months

Entry Requirement

  • Recommended candidates possess a minimum degree in engineering or related fields

Course Outcomes

This course is designed for candidates to enhance the knowledge of basic principles of magnetic particle inspection, understanding of the principles of radiography methods.

The course will equip the graduates with knowledge, skills and abilities to perform duties and responsibility of NDT inspector.

The content of the course will involve practical demonstrations and hand-on experience. In addition, the theoretical application, on understanding the right process and equipment required for NDT inspections.

Course Outlines

NoCourse TitleOutline
1CSWIP NDT : Magnetic Testing (MT) – Level 2

i) The Principles of MPI

ii) Methods of Magnetisation

iii) Detecting Media, UV Light and Other Equipment

iv) Application Techniques and Demagnetisation

v) Current Waveforms

vi) Assessing Magnetising Force and Amperage

vii) Control and Maintenance Checks

2CSWIP NDT : Penetrant Testing (PT) – Level 2

i) Materials and Methods

ii) Compatibility of Materials

iii) Equipment and Safety Aspects

iv) Practical Exercises

v) Methods of Assessing Sensitivity.

3CSWIP NDT : Ultrasonics Testing (UT) – Level2

i) Basic principles of sound

ii) Generation and Detection of Sound

iii) Behaviour of Sound in a Material

iv) The Flaw Detector

v) Use Of Angled Beam Probes For Weld Scanning

vi) Welding Processes And Weld Defects

vii) Practical Exercises On Test Specimens Containing Simulated Flaws

viii) Examination Of Parent Plate, Butt Welds ix) Instruction Writing.


Training Management

A specific dedicated team of technically adept professionals will be handling the technical training modules at Nitkertz’s training centre. The scope would include managing and coordination of:

Training Facilities

Training will be conducted at Nitkertz’s own facility for the CSWIP NDT course and examinations in Shah Alam.

Training Sessions

Training sessions will run from 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., with two mid-session breaks and a one-hour lunch break.  Each batch would have 25 candidates at any one time. Meals throughout the entire day will be provided to the candidates.

Examination Session

CSWIP examination will be held upon completion of each course/module.

Candidates from this Program would be receiving the CSWIP certificate upon passing their respective examinations.