Current legal frameworks prescribed that all electrical wiring, testings, preventive and corrective maintenances shall be performed by Competent Persons. Therefore, the demand for Competent Persons are always there in tandem with the growth of consruction industry. Hence, this course was especially being accredited to equip the trainees with relevant set of theoretical and practical skills for them in becoming Competent Persons that are recognized by Energy Commission once they are working on the fields near the future.

Course Descriptions

NOSS Code: EE-320-2:2012

Single Phase Electrical Installation & Maintenance – Level 2 (12 Months)

  • Single Phase Drawing
  • Single Phase Wiring Maintenance
  • Single Phase Motor & Motor Control Installation
  • Single Phase Electrical Appliances Maintenance
  • Single Phase Wiring Testing & Commissioning


NOSS Code: EE-320-3:2012

Three Phase Electrical Installation & Maintenance – Level 3 (12 Months)

  • Three Phase Drawing
  • Three Phase Wiring
    Three Phase Wiring Maintenance
  • Three Phase Motor & Motor Control Installation
  • Three Phase Electrical Appliances Maintenance
  • Three Phase Wiring Testing & Commissioning
  • Neon Lamp Installation & Maintainance
  • Supervisory Function