Full Time Course Application: Intake to RU Academy is made two (2) times a year in January and July each year and depend on JPK register on that year.
Part Time Course Application: Part-time course offers are made on the schedule (Please refer to the Part-Time Course List).
Application Form can be [Download Here]
Course fees:
  • Electrical course
    Level 2 : RM7,500.00 for (12 months).
    Level 3 : RM8,300.00 for (12 months).

    Information System Course
    Level 2 : RM3,000.00 for (6 months).
    Level 3 : RM4,500.00 for (12 months).
    Level 4 : RM7,500.00 for (12 month + OJT 3 months).

    Operation & Maintenance Boiler Course
    Level 3 : RM8,300.00 for year (18 months).
    (Skills Development Fund Corporation Loan (PTPK) can be applied for eligible)
  • Other fees incurred during the registration day (approx. RM600-RM700 subject to the institute)

Here are the courses that are offered:

Malaysia Skills Diploma
  • Boiler Operation & Maintenance Service
  • Electrical Installation & Maintenance
  • Office Management & Information System
Malaysia Skills Certificate
  • Certificate in Boiler Operation & Maintenance Service
  • Certificate in Electrical Installation & Maintenance
Competency Certificate
  • Certificate in Building Wiring Installation
All courses conducted at RU Academy are recognized by the Department of Skills Development (JPK) and an additional bonus for those who undergo training at RU Academy where there are additions to the subjects taught so that the students are more prepared to deal with the work world later.
Part Time Course:
21 years to 55 years (working adult and student who had diploma any field of engineering)
Full Course:
Nevertheless, due to certain reasons such as lending and so on, setting the age should be set between 17 years to 35 years (depending on the program you want to follow). However, those who are not eligible for the age limit may continue to undergo training in some programs such as the short-term training available at RU Academy.

Yes, not only in Malaysia but also in Commonwealth countries.