OCEG’s Customised Training & Development Programmes

OCEG’s Organisational Development Series

1. Organizational Development Master Class Leadership Competencies

  • a. ‘HOPE’ – Organize, Plan and Execute
  • b. Analytical Thinking
  • c. Creativity & Innovation Workshop

This Master Class Leadership Training workshop (MCLT) is customized to address three core competency skills under the leadership training framework. It equips delegates to adapt and stay ahead of the challenges by
exploring the best management and leadership practices. Participants will gain insight into the above core competency to perform and lead with impact. Other leadership competencies can be customized as per organization’s requirements.


2. Women Development – (‘HEELS’ Programme)
What Makes ‘HEELS’ Program Unique?
This 5 part program is designed to help women assess and address their unique strengths, challenges and navigate the frequently complex dynamics of strategic business leadership of today to face tomorrow’s reality.
Customized to meet the unique needs of women leaders in a particular organization, who need real solutions to their specific leadership challenges and who want to transform their organizational culture to be more inclusive.


3. Women Development (‘ASK’ Programme)
What Makes ‘ASK’ Program Unique?
There are 2 parts of this specially designed program – Introductory Level and Intermediate Level. Both these programs provide an excellent opportunity for women in small communities to develop their awareness,
leadership skills and knowledge to play a more active role in society.
Customized to meet the unique needs of women to adapt to the changes around them and upgrade their skills.


4. Graduates Employability Programme
(‘GrAD’ – Work and/or Develop Programme) 
This program is designed to equip and up-skill the final year undergraduates or fresh graduates to prepare themselves for the Employment market.

Organizations may take advantage of this program to up-skill their newly appointed Management Trainees and/or Executives from any level of management. We offer Essential Skills and Customized Skills to choose from
for their program so that they will add value and impact to their Organization.


5. Youth (Teenagers) Development
Youth attitude building workshops to tackle the teenage challenges faced by Principals and Parents today. Our 5 month Modular and Outdoor Camp program is customized to ensure that this new generation of teenagers have
the skills and training they need to successfully make the transition to adulthood and careers.


6. Risk Management Workshop Series
Project risk management is a set of management techniques aimed at ensuring that actual and planned project outcomes coincide, or better. As such, project risk management is practiced by the great majority of project planners, project managers and their staff. Risk management is embedded in nearly every facet of planning and implementing a project.

This course deals with that extra, formalized set of techniques which can be applied cost-effectively to manage the risk to those projects which are unlikely to proceed to plan without specific focus on risk. The majority of public and commercial sector technology-based projects above a few million dollars are in this category, including many projects for internal customers, and product development projects in the commercial sector. This course is designed to establish a framework for application of formal risk management to significant projects and to impart to delegates, a capability to select and implement appropriate risk management techniques within that risk management framework.

In Phase 1, the participants are exposed to the fundamentals of risk management, risk management planning and to create a risk register for their unit or divisions.

In Phase 2, the participants need to analyse the risk qualitatively and quantitatively using various method and to prepare a framework that will be used to mitigate the risk .


7. Talent Assessment, Management and Succession Planning

Talent Assessment, often used as the first phase of the development and execution of an integrated talent strategy, our Talent Assessment applies a robust approach to understanding the capabilities of individual leaders, and cadres of management within a client’s organisation

The Talent Workshop has developed highly reliable and valid methods to assess talent, whether it is in one-off settings or across groups of leaders. We combine psychometric testing, 360 feedback, data analysis, structured
simulations, interviews and referencing, along with the applied judgment intuition of our Program Leaders in understanding, calibrating and categorising talent. We blend art and science in arriving at accurate and insightful pictures of executive talent.

Participants at the workshop will be assessed by individual assessors’ who will be allocated with whom they need to assess, this will be done through observation, group/individual discussion and interview, thereafter, submitting a written report of the candidate.

This 3-day workshop would identify the potential talents or HiPo’s and would lead to a talent development leadership pipeline program, which we would like to undertake to manage train and report the progress on a
timely manner. As such we would then recommend suitable candidates for succession.